Imagine them naked

11 diciembre, 2010 by: Javier

Surely someone has suggested that you imagine your audience naked in your next presentation. Remember, the audience frightens you because, if you believe you did poorly, you will think they think you did horrendously, and that might destroy your self-esteem.

And of course, if you imagine them bare-skinned, you will be a lot less nervous, since they will appear ludicrous – and thus inferior – to you, so you will not perceive your audience as imposing, and your nervousness will just evaporate.

Fun, but it does not work. If you have not tried it yet, do it the next time around and let me know if you agree with this:

First, you get distracted from the message you want to convey to the audience. You will focus on yourself, trying to carry out a complicated exercise of imagination. It is already difficult to try it while you are bored at the beach, watching people walk by, go figure while you are facing a whole bunch of people staring at you. You won’t have enough time! All right, that guy at the back surely has a fat hairy belly, the lady in the corner is a tanning bead freak, the blonde in the first row has had her cellulite removed, and Mr. Straight-Face here must be wearing his army cammo underwear. Too much work when you are engaged in something as intense as public speaking, which occupies your mind fully.

Also, you disconnect from your audience. You are fantasizing, instead of thinking about them as the receivers of your message. You need to connect with each one of them, to talk to them as individuals, and to make sure they understand your message and find it relevant. If you detach yourself from the situation, you lose the opportunity to convince them

And, how do you think your face looks like when you are eyeing someone while imagining him or her naked? You will surely have problems in maintaining visual contact!

Instead of imagining them naked, imagine how much they are enjoying your presentation. Imagine yourself bowing to a standing ovation. It is in that precise moment, if you really have that perversion, that maybe you can imagine them all naked.

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